About Us

Welcome to Binaural Beats Hub, your number one source for binaural beats and isochronic tones! The company is dedicated to providing you with the very best brainwave audios with a focus on quality, integration of customer feedback, and results!

Life can throw you many challenges. At the Hub, it is our mission to help you to overcome these challenges and take control of your life. Our audio products are based on extensively researched brainwave entrainment technology and can be used to induce various states of consciousness, including sleep induction, relief from anxiety and depression, study focus, relaxation, meditative mind states and much more.

These audios can also help you to find that desire to succeed; to push the limits of success; and to stand out from the crowd through the expression of your own individuality! So grab those headphones and lead the revolution….. the revolution of your mind!



Our sounds have been researched extensively. You can view the positive feedback on our YouTube channel, and be assured that what you’re getting is of a high standard.


We do not make any exaggerated claims – we want you to experience real tangible results.  Our more metaphysically inclined audios are presented in a way in which users can experience ‘weird and wacky’ states of consciousness without adhering to any form of dogma.

Customer Service
We strive to provide the best service at all times. We want you see us as friends who will help you to find what you need, and that friendship continues long after you have bought your first product. We’re here when you need us.